day 289 - the sleepover $

The big day is here: the day of Ava's sleepover at my sister's house. She's been talking about it and planning it forever. The day we helped my sister and brother-in-law move in she even picked out her own room:

Ava (opens the closet in the spare room to reveal a row of my brother-in-law's suits and dress shirts): "I wonder when they are going to move this stuff out of my room."

The other big event today was it was my good friend Charlotte's wedding shower. It was a lot of fun and I am so happy for Charlotte. I've known her for almost twenty years and nobody deserves to be happy more than she does. Congrats! (Thanks for the picture Mom.)

On a related note, it doesn't matter where I go. I step into a room full of people and one of two things happens. Either somebody asks "Are you the one with the twin boys?" or somebody says "Jennifer is the mother of twin two year old boys." Each and every time the reaction is the same: everyone laughs. Today was no exception.

I'm starting to get a complex.


Melissa said…
Thanks for bringing her Jen. Craig and I loved having her over and can't wait to have the boys for a sleepover. What precious, beautiful kids you and Jason have!
Hasson said…
Looks like Ava is staying for a month! How much stuff did she pack?

Or is one of the twins in that pile of stuff on the front porch waiting to surprise her when she thinks she's getting away from them?
Jane said…
Holy cow that's alotta stuff for a sleepover - did Melissa have to move out?!
Jennifer said…
It looks worse than it is. Under the pillow is a booster seat for the car. She basically had a bag, jacket, pillow and the inappropriately piled stuffed animals, Mr. Bear and Puppy. That was it.