day 292 - the mythical jones baseline $

For years I have heard about County Road 29 and the Jones Baseline: a magical road which runs parallel to highway six where people book it and it's smooth sailing the entire way to Guelph with minimal stops. I've heard many a person over the years say "I took the Jones Baseline" or "I live on the Jones Baseline". Whatever.

Anyway, it turns out such a promised land does exist and people tear down it traveling in packs, exceeding the speed limit with a "well the cops can't pull us all over" mentality. There's no construction and best of all there's only one stop sign and one stop light between Fergus and the southeastern limits of the city of Guelph.

The cons? A couple of oddly placed 50 km and 60 km zones. Please god don't let there be a speeding ticket picture in my near future.