day 294 - thank you, thank you $


You have been on my shit list for well over a year now after sucking my child in with your infernal "dance" music.

Everywhere we go, "I Gotta Feeling" has followed us - on the radio, in commercials, and during an episode of Idol Gives Back I had to watch more times than I can count. The past twelve months my son has walked around with my iPod pressed to his ear swaying back and forth with a smile on his face and should we hear even one bar of your song and try to change the track before he identifies it there is hell to pay.

With all of that being said, you redeemed yourself a bit this week. I am quite excited that after many potential replacements have crashed and burned, a new favourite may have finally taken its place:

Suddenly, Owen's tortured cries of "PEAS!!! PEAS!!!" have been replaced with delighted squeals of "I can see that hippo's bum crack!!!"

Thank you, thank you