day 296 - the days of potty training $

Welcome to the days of potty training. Days I have been putting off for months out of sheer laziness. Keeping in mind that laziness is getting to sit in one spot for three minutes before somebody climbs something or gets into something they shouldn't be getting into. Diapers are still much easier at this point.

Anyway, both boys are showing interest but Ethan is doing much better than Owen is:

Me: He's peeing on the potty!!!! HE'S PEEING ON THE POTTY!!! Wait a minute. What's the protocol for this? Does he shake it or dab it with toilet paper?!

Jason (from the other room): I have no idea.

Me (muttering to myself): Well I'm sure you have a better idea than I would.

These are also the days of dress up. Or more specifically "destroy the laundry room closet" dress up. If I had a nickel for every time I have cleaned that closet in the past week I'd be rich.

But they look cute and they crack me up every time. (Did I mention I buzzed their hair? They are rocking a #4 buzz). In a couple of weeks I might attempt some gel action. That's Owen on the left and Ethan on the right.

It's also the days of play dates. Here's Ava on her way to Lily's house for the afternoon. Ava found her lip gloss in the car. She lost it after our trip to the Party Lites party a couple of weeks ago. The conversation that day in the car was hilarious. She had carefully applied her lip gloss in the car on the way down and it looked just like the picture below. When we left a few hours later she had just finished playing hide and seek with her friend Victor (who is ten years old) and was quite taken with him:

Ava: I really like Victor. Can I sleep over at his house? Can I go back to his house again? Do you think he noticed my lip gloss?

I'm going to go out on a limb and say yes. Yes he did.

And last but not least we had takeout for dinner. Check out my fortune:

Thank you Mr. Wing. Your deepness always impresses me.


Hasson said…
Mr Wing sure nailed you there... although reading the words in your blog can also paint quite the mental picture some/most days
Hasson said…
Joel is also in potty training mode. Good times!

In terms of "post pee protocol" (PPP if you will), we prefer the air dry method... run through the house without pants until there is no further concern.

It doesn't work as well when you are out in public, but within the confines of Arthur we are fine.