day 297 - grandad's birthday $

On Sundays I like to bake. Thanks to years of watching my dad, I have become a pretty good crepe maker so I cook crepes for breakfast and then I usually follow it up by baking cookies. It's become so routine that it no longer bothers me that the dog lies right at my feet and I have to step over her every time I cross the kitchen. The boys stand on the chair and scream "Dump! Dump!" wanting to dump the ingredients in the bowl. Then they sway back and forth and scream "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....." in unison mimicking the mixer as it spins. It's funny and a contrast to Ava at that age. When I'd fire up the mixer she'd get a look of panic and dive under the kitchen table.

Anyway, today was no different. I baked Grandad's favourite peanut butter cookies. Once the boys licked the beaters they were long gone. And then they got quiet.

Never a good thing.

From across the room it looked like Owen was innocently looking out the back window, but when I got closer I discovered he was innocently looking out the window he had just drawn all over with crayon. And below the window was the window frame he drew all over with the same red crayon.

So that was it for destruction of our house today. And what better thing to do on a Sunday when our kids are in destruction mode? Take them to my sister's beautiful new, clean house which reminds me of the nice, new clean house we had six long years ago. Anyway, they didn't destroy anything.

That I know of.

Happy birthday Grandad!