day 298 - a three mommy effort $

Mondays are busy. Ava has skating lessons and it's hard for me to get home from work in time to get her on the ice for 5:30. If Jason is on afternoon shift, it's even harder.

Today was a three mommy effort, of which I was not one. Our babysitter Vicki got Ava organized. She got her changed into her bunny costume and even painted a little bunny nose and whiskers on her face. My mother-in-law picked Ava up, took her to the rink and got her on the ice with plenty of time to spare and my mom had the two boys dressed in warm clothes and loaded into the van just as I pulled into the driveway. All I had to do was hop into the van and drive to the arena.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We wouldn't be able to do half of what we do without the help that you give us. xo

Skating is going very well. Three weeks in, Ava is able to march on her skates and thus is already a better skater than her mother.

The other big news of the day was the big election. Here is the sign we have on our lawn supporting Uncle John. There's no question that Uncle John gets our vote based on his vast knowledge of local government, his intelligence and friendliness and the fact that he has a bottomless freezer full of ice cream sandwiches.