day 299 - animal planet $

About a month ago, my in laws were over and the kids were crazy and put on one hell of a show. We joked that it was like watching Animal Planet. Ever been to African Lion Safari and had the monkeys jump all over your car, ripping off your rear view mirror and rubbing their bums all over your windshield? Welcome to Tuesday evening in the McDougall household.

Here's my tea and my iPod as I relaxed in the bath after I thought the kids were asleep.

Five minutes later I got out of the bath, glasses fogged up to see something crawling under the duvet on our bed.

Yep. Still no pictures. I have a hard enough time keeping frames on the wall let alone having time to actually put pictures in them.


I am still amazed at your ability to capture images with such great lighting even at night, in the dark etc. I wish I had half of your skills.

Any chance you would like to vacation in the Gulf Coast of FL and give me a weekend crash course??!!!