day 301 - soccer is a contact sport $

After a month of excitement, the day finally came. The kids started indoor soccer tonight. I was worried because the boys beat the living hell out of each other from the moment they woke up this morning. All day they hit each other, head butted each other and threw each other to the ground. Although I stop them once they pass a certain point, there are many times I let them go. They are the same size and evenly matched and it seems to take one of them getting hurt to actually prove my point. Anyway, this method works when it's my kids battling each other. Them laying a hand on someone else's kid = not cool.

So away we went to soccer not knowing what to expect. When they got there, there were enough balls for each child to have their own. No sharing required thank goodness. And then they were off like little gazelles. They managed to kick the ball from one end to the other keeping total control of it and kicking it while running. Ava didn't surprise me that much as she has played soccer before and knows what she is doing but the boys were amazing. They were incredibly coordinated and it was fascinating to watch.

And then the moment came where the whistle blew and they all had to sit in a circle and listen to their coach. Crap. I'm sure you can imagine how that went.

It went about as well as Red Light, Green Light. Red light!

Red light!!


Sigh. The skill was there but the attention span was not. It got a little better as things went along though.

And have no fear parents, my sons are far more interested in beating the hell out of each other than to go after your child:

I love the look on Ava's face. She looks about as shocked as I did when it happened. (And now that I look at this again, the poor thing is about to get clocked by the kid in red. )


Hasson said…
Teach them to pick it up and run, I think rugby is better suited to their style.
Anonymous said…
LOL those were awesome shots!!!
Glad to see they are burning off some energy, Sara