day 302 - scavenger hunt $

I'm on our social committee at work and every year we have an event for Halloween. We do a pot luck lunch followed by a Halloween related activity. After several years of pumpkin carving contests, we decided to do something different and organized a scavenger hunt. We split into three teams and assigned point values for various tasks. Each team had an hour to complete their mission.

In addition to toilet papering a co-worker's house, my team had to pump $0.13 in gas

and recreate the Thriller video. Bonus points were up for grabs if we got a stranger to participate and be Michael, which we did. She was a great sport although I had to admit I had my doubts when we said "Do you know the Thriller video" and she did a couple of moves and said "Oh wait! That's the Backstreet Boys!" FAIL. Anyway, I kid. She was awesome and light years better than the useless pirate on the right who had the inside track but was still unprepared.

The other big news of the day is that the kids and I carved pumpkins with Nana & Grandad. A horrible picture and my pumpkin carvings leave a lot to be desired, but Owen looks cute.