day 304 - trick or treat, smell my feet $

The kids have finally caught on to Halloween. It seems that once candy enters into the mix the shyness goes out the window. Today was a big success although it was absolutely frigid outside. First order of business was the out of town portion of the trick or treating. Here are Ava & Ethan walking to Grandma & Grandpa's front door.

Ava dressed up as a hamburger and ended up winning an award for the silliest costume Friday at school. She won a donut and she was so happy about it, that donut might as well have been a million bucks.

After that we met up with Maggie and her husband and kids. Jason handed out the candy at home while Maggie and I took the boys and her husband took the older kids. They would end up covering more than twice the ground we did.

The best part of the whole experience is always going through the candy afterward.

Maybe it's the gold in me, but I not only go through it - I also sort it and organize it. All the chocolate bars go together, all of the licorice and jelly candies go together and then you have your miscellaneous candy which is basically everything else. This bowl full of chocolate bothers me though. The tootsie rolls seem misplaced to me as I'd say they are more candy than chocolate but what difference does it make? They're going to be the last thing left in the bowl anyway.

A pleasant discovery in the kids' haul? One good, old fashioned Kerr's molasses kiss. Old school, baby!

Make no mistake - these things are terrible. I want to say I never liked them but I remember either my sister or I expediting the removal of a loose tooth by chewing one of these bad boys, so the candy bowl must have gotten down to slim pickings one year. It ripped the tooth right out. God they were horrible, but it's still nice to see that they are still kicking around and that somebody is paying tribute to the classics.

Happy Halloween!