day 314 - the little pink tutu $

Today was my day off. I was folding laundry. I look around and see Owen standing there wearing a tutu and a feather boa. It made me smile.

My kids like to play and they like to dress up. Nothing is definitively girl and nothing is definitively boy. They have fun and they play and have a good time. I could care less if the boys run around in princess dresses. If they are having fun I am happy.

These pictures actually tell a lot about life with three kids under the age of five. In the picture above you can see the crayon scribbled all over Ava's closet that I haven't had time to scrub off.

In this picture you can see where Ava used my scrapbook glue to stick a drawing to the wall. Once again - no time to scrape it off.

Stuff like that happens all of the time in this house. It's a part of daily life. But what I would really like to know is who removed a screw from the switch plate in the dinette? The kids have eight thousand toys and have to do stuff like this.

This post is dedicated to my little Owen. He's my little spark plug and can put on one hell of a show. He's quite the character and he can make me laugh with just a smile.

Case in point - this morning. Owen hit Ava as we were going through the morning routine.

Me: Owen! Don't hit your sister. You say sorry right now!

Owen (grumbling): Sorry Ava.

Me: That wasn't very sincere. Say it like you mean it.

Owen: Like you mean it.

Wise guy.