day 303 - the birthday pinata $

It's rare that I get out of the house on my own. Ava usually comes with me but for some reason she didn't feel like going shopping with me today when I had to pick up a birthday present. So I went by myself. And shop I did. I got half of the shopping done for the kids for Christmas. Old Navy had big sales on kids' clothes. And in the spirit of Halloween, they had a special promotion going on:

Sales lady at the cash: "I'll give you 20% off one item if you scream. Would you like to scream?"

Is the pope Catholic? You didn't see the ass I made of myself yesterday for free.

Anyway, it was the easiest 20% I ever saved.

It was a busy day with parties for the kids, who have busier social calendars than we do. Ava had a Halloween party down the street and then we were all invited to a birthday party. The theme? Construction party. So Mommy went to town (thank you Marco for lending us your tool sets!). The result? Three construction workers who upon closer inspection look more like Amish lumberjacks (Owen left, Ethan right).

It was our first birthday party outside of our family. Essentially the McDougall boys were being launched on society. And I had no idea how it would go. Would they behave? Would they fight over the present we took for Joel? Would they break anything or set Michele's house on fire?

They did none of the above and they made me look like a liar.

Case in point: the breaking of the pinata:

Not interested. Meanwhile if that paper mache bulldozer had been my Christmas tree, they would have beat it like a rented mule.

This damage however, was done by the other kids at the party. Other than a couple of cracks at it by Ava, my kids were merely spectators.

It was a success. We all had fun and Ethan was schooled a bit by the birthday boy. Cardinal Rule #1 of birthday party etiquette? Thou shalt not blow out the birthday boy's candles.


Jane said…
great series and story - who knew they could surprise might need to unleash them on society a little more:-)
Hasson said…
Do you guys rent mules often?
Frances said…
Looks like the kids had a great time smashing up the pinata and like all of the birthday pinatas out there, they're in it for the candy!