day 307 - will work for silly bandz $

I didn't know what a silly band was before last week when Ava brought one home in a Halloween treat bag from one of her classmates. I had heard of them and I had seen them but I didn't actually know anything about them. I had assumed they were the reincarnation of jelly bracelets I had worn in the eighties. Not the case.

They are more like a rubber band and you buy them in sets. Each bracelet has a shape that you can stretch (we are in the how far can you stretch it before it snaps and crying results experimental phase) and every time it will return to its original shape.

How did I find all of this out? Last night I showed Ava the two silly bands she got in her treat bag. She was thrilled and she started talking about how all of the kids in her class had them and they trade them. She happily put them on and the conversation ended there. A little while later she cried her heart out because the little green butterfly silly band snapped. I saw how important that little bracelet was to her and it broke my heart.

Shortly before bedtime I discovered that Ava's room was a disaster. I asked her to clean it and I knew it wasn't going to happen and I wasn't up for the battle that it was going to become to get her to do it. Grasping at straws I told her that if she cleaned her room I'd buy her a silly band.

Two minutes later she was buzzing around taking hairbands to the drawer in the bathroom, putting toys away, making her bed and even went so far as to pick small little pieces of paper off of the carpet in her room from an earlier crafting session. It was AWESOME and I have never seen her room so clean. She was very excited to show me that every corner of her room was spotless.

So today I made good and I went out and bought a pile of them. Princesses, dinosaurs, zoo animals, rock stars, insects...I bought them all. She got one and the rest of them will be used for future bribery.

And yes, I realize that with the $11.00 I spent on 72 Silly Bandz I could have bought a truckload of coloured elastics from Staples.

Whatever. It's totally worth it.


Sheri said…
Hey Jen! Silly bands are all the rage around here too :) Alyssa got her first package at Toys R Us back in August. Since then we've been seeing them everywhere!! She got her last couple packages at the dollar store!! Glow in the dark ones too!! She comes home with different ones from school too! It's neat to see that even at 4 years old they are already trading :) It's good that you bought two big packages, because they'll disappear fast...either get lost, or she'll take them to her friends, etc. Fun stuff!!