day 308 - creative writing $

Yesterday Ava's teacher sent home a note in her mailbag. They are starting a creative writing project at school and they need the kids to bring in ten photos of various life experiences and they will use them to inspire them to write stories.

My first reaction was oh my god. Where am I going to find pictures to send with her?! Seriously. I've only followed her around paparazzi style for four years. The poor kid's been photographed more than Suri Cruise.

My next reaction was "only 10"?

Yes. Only 10.

So Ava and I sat down and started going through photos on the computer. I sized them all and submitted them to Blacks for printing. Today at lunch I spun by the mall to pick them up.

And now I am going to brace myself. On the one hand I am incredibly excited to see what stories she comes up with. On the other hand I am bracing myself for the day she comes home with something like this.


Mari said…
I love it! This is going to be a fun project!
Sharon said…
HAHAHA Jen....didn't you 2 already have this conversation out back?
I think you better start preparing a good story yourself:)

Ahh I love reading your blog, puts a giggle in me everyday:)