day 310 - congratulations charlotte & paul $

Today was our last wedding of the year and the day of my good friend Charlotte's wedding. It was very strange. I'm usually the one racing after the wedding party and bringing up the rear in my car. Today the oddest thing happened. Not only did I not have to tailgate a limo, I actually got to drive the bride to the church. Not bad, huh? My chivalry skills need some work though:

Me: "No problem Charlotte. I'll drive you to the church. I'm parked just over there."

Charlotte: "Can you come over here and pick me up? My dress won't fit between the parked cars."

FAIL. What an idiot I am.

Apparently chivalry really is dead my friends. ;)

And yes, I did pull the car around.

Congratulations Charlotte and Paul! Your wedding was beautiful and I am so happy for you both.


Erine said…
Oh Charlotte looks amazing!!! I love the photos!!