day 316 - the marble slab $

I've never been a huge fan of ice cream but leave me along with a tub of cookie dough Haagen Dazs and I'm on it like a fat kid on a smartie. Today was one of those days and tomorrow when I get on the scale, the words "cookie dough drizzle" are going to haunt me.

Today my friend Aimee introduced me to The Marble Slab during our lunch hour. Oh. My. God. Canisters of candy and chocolate lined the walls and counters. Go with one of their creations or come up with your own, the possibilities were endless. We ended up going with the cookie dough drizzle.

The ice cream definitely found happiness within as it chased my whopper combo. Unfortunately my caloric intake for Friday alone was more than I should eat in a week.

There won't be happiness tomorrow morning when I weigh myself, but it was totally worth it. Thanks, Aimee!


Hasson said…
can't be any worse than for you than my fav delicacy from MCD's