day 324 - christmas pictures $

Now listen up kids. Both of your grandmothers have requested new pictures of you guys for Christmas.

It's time to put on your brand new Christmas outfits and get your smiles ready.

No amount of arguing is going to get you out of this.

I want nice smiles and no "cheese".

Not an ideal pose but I'm flexible. We can do a couple of these. Not too many or your face will stay like that.

Rule #1. I'm the art director on this shoot. Opinions will be heard but not necessarily followed.

Please be on your best behaviour and maybe we'll get something we can work with.

And if we're really lucky, we might even come up with my favourite. picture. ever.

(Owen left, Ethan right)


Andrea said…
At least they don't have their fingers up their noses :) Wait till you see MY Christmas card! LOL
Mari said…
That was fun and you ended up with some great shots!