day 333 - practice makes perfect $

Ava has been able to write her alphabet for so long I can't remember (it's been at least a year). For as much as we worked with her on her writing, we never worked much on written numbers. She could easily count to 30 or higher but had never written it out.

Now, two months into school she has been learning things in leaps and bounds. Every piece of artwork she brings home has "by Ava" written on it and I was amazed when she wrote out her numbers from one to thirty and showed it to me tonight.

I had my observation in her class this week and it was very interesting. I was so proud of her and it was interesting talking to the teacher. The all day, every day kindergarten has been a big issue this year, but by my estimation as well as Ava's teacher it is going fantastic. The kids are doing great and learning incredibly fast being in school every day.