day 337 - little angels $

I didn't feel like taking any pictures today. I was in a bad mood from the moment I woke up. I still had the stomach flu AND I had a green hallway. I stayed home and slept and rested all day and the kids went to school/the babysitter.

I was really at a loss as to what to take a picture of and left it until the very last minute. I settled on a picture of Owen in his bed asleep. I am amazed that two little children can wreak so much havoc in one house yet still look so angelic at bedtime.

So as the day closed I still loved them dearly but the green paint fiasco is still very fresh in my mind. I won't be letting go of this one anytime soon. It doesn't help that it is in my face every time I walk down the hall and I won't have the time to paint over it until at least the Christmas holidays.

I've also come to a conclusion. Given the choice, the next time my kids get into my craft supplies I would gladly take the herpes of craft supplies over acrylic paint. The cleanup would be much easier.