day 338 - the rembrandt brothers $

I didn't take many pictures today. I'm still not feeling the greatest following the stomach flu and my appetite isn't quite back yet. Great news in the weight loss department though and I might hit the number that I thought would be nice to hit but never would in a million years.

Today was the McDougall family Christmas. I'm always surprised when I hear that people read my blog and that they read it regularly. When we got to Christmas, several people had already read about what from here on out will be referred to as "the incident". As a result, the boys have a new nickname - "The Rembrandt Brothers".

Only two years old and already legends. The rest of their childhood is going to be interesting.

If I survive it.

Anyway, it's funny how the dynamics have changed. The pool table has always been dominated, but the players have steadily shrunk over the years to the point where they can barely see over the table.

A small request to my son (Ethan). A half an hour earlier your brother beaned me in the side of the head with a rubber dog toy from the other side of the room. You picking up a pool ball and holding it like that gives me a heart attack whether you intend to throw it at me or not. Cut it out.

(He didn't throw it and I don't think he ever intended to but it sure looked like it and screams of panic from bystanders resulted in the ball being returned to the table and rolled across instead.)