day 339 - kids' christmas party $

It was a first for the boys today - it was the first time they wore ties. They looked pretty cute and they actually kept them on all day without removing them. I couldn't believe they didn't take them off. I haven't been that surprised since the American Music Awards when none of the members of NKOTBSB broke a hip.

They were more than happy to pose for me individually but a shot of the two of them together was not happening.

The reason for the fancy duds? The kids' Christmas party at my office. The kids had a good time. There were games for everyone to play. One of the favourites had the group split into two teams. Each person had to put on a pair of mitts, run down the hall, open a Hershey's kiss (while wearing the mitts), eat it and run back so the next person could go. It was fun.

The kids even handled Santa well. Ava got somewhat close, Owen got a little bit closer and Ethan grabbed his toy as fast as he could and ran away.

I even learned a valuable lesson. Never buy one child a motorized Thomas the Tank Engine and the other a non-motorized train. It's a recipe for disaster.


Anonymous said…
I love the pictures of them with their ties on. These are great pictures of each of them