day 344 - the vodka girl $

I am a vodka girl. I don't wind it up very often but when I do, it usually has vodka and it's usually in caesar or seabreeze form. With that being said, I am not really sure what is in a seabreeze. It's a mix of fruit juice of which I have never known the amounts because I've never made one for myself. Neither did this year's bartender.

This was try four. Still kind of swamp waterish but not entirely disgusting. In hindsight the glass is really dirty but understandable since the girl had given me two attempts to test out and by this time I had refilled and remixed my glass three times.

We never got there as I switched back to caesars, but it the experimenting was entertaining while it lasted.

Sadly enough we never got to bust some "Jump On It". It wasn't due to a lack of effort. We practiced it repeatedly but the DJ didn't have it. What a shame. I would have rocked that bad boy. I like to think I would have been the thrower and not the throwee.