day 346 - owen's percy $

A few months ago I bought each of the boys a Thomas train from Walmart. I bought Thomas for Ethan and Percy for Owen. Every night when they go to bed they need their trains. They sleep with them on the bed beside them and sometimes they put them to "sleep" during the day in various kleenex boxes around the house.

Thomas has become known as "Ethan's Thomas" and Percy is "Owen's Percy". Owen gets very upset when he can't find his Percy and he will give you the saddest little face and ask you where his Percy is. The thing is, Owen can't say Percy very well and it comes out sounding like an offensive word that has the same number of characters.

Owen: "I can't find my Percy! Where's my Percy?!"

You don't have one, bud.

On that note, I was at Tim Hortons today with Ava and my dad. The snow is falling, I am looking around people watching and what do I see?

Classic. But that was not the highlight of the day. This was:

That's right people - Candy Cane Hot Chocolate is back at Tim Hortons and it's delicious.


Hasson said…
i'm glad to know i'm not the only one who giggles when i see the sign on that truck from time to time!

So in the last 24 hours we've seen photos of moose knuckles (on facebook) and camel toes, tis the season... for tight pants?