day 350 - the festive c-bomb $

When it comes to Christmas, I'm a CEO - Christmas and Easter Only. And in the case of this year, I didn't even put the E in CEO. With that being said, I still enjoy a good Christmas concert and tonight was Ava's first.

It was very entertaining although I'd like to see a transcript of the grade three class rendition of "Here Comes Santa in a Red Canoe" because unless my ears deceive me, he was apparently paddling along on a magic sea of poo. I also found myself feeling relieved as one kid almost dropped the "festive C-bomb" at the concert and it was not my own. (No...not the C-bomb. The kid wouldn't have made it out of there alive. The "festive C-bomb" = Christ.)

My beautiful daughter is the fourth from the right in the little red dress with the white overcoat. I dropped her in her classroom before the show and she was complaining that she was hot so I took off her jacket. When the class entered the gym I waved like crazy taking pictures like the paparazzi and telling the boys "wave to your sister!!!" That would have been perfect had we been waving at and taking pictures of Ava. We were waving at the other little girl near the other end in the red dress. Oops.

Oh well, I'm sure she's equally charming.

Ava's class sang several songs and she did so well. In the morning she was very distraught and didn't want to be in the Christmas concert but the afternoon dress rehearsal must have gone really well because by dinner the shyness was gone and she was bouncing off the ceiling ready to go to the evening concert.

Here's Ethan and Grandad somewhere between the festive C-bomb and the grade eight rendition of The Hockey Song.

So overall it was a good night and another major step toward finding the Christmas spirit. The nativity scene wrapped to Kenny & Dolly and suddenly I don't feel like punching Kenny in the face anymore. How about that? I just might be getting into the Christmas spirit after all.