day 351 - stress eating $

I hate country music. Or at least that's what I would lead you to believe. Truth be told I don't mind the odd song and I am a huge Keith Urban fan. I've seen him in concert three times and for some reason he just speaks to me. He spews the beautiful, mushy stuff and I eat it up.

Anyway, his new album is great and I am really enjoying it. It's getting me through what has been an insane month.

The other thing that gets me through? Stress eating.

The Burger King S.O.S. was put out at about 11 am. Please note that when I put out the S.O.S. I usually take a few people down with me. This food was not all for me. There were four of us that crashed and burned today. Heading into holidays with January deadlines imminent and suppliers closed over the holidays and it was inevitable.