day 356 - here comes the smolder $

Two very excited little girls were taken to see Tangled today. Maybe it's because I've seen more kids' movies than adult movies this year or maybe it was the delicious movie theatre poutine, but this was probably the best movie I've seen all year. It was really cute and I really enjoyed it. The girls liked it too and were on the edge of their seats for the second half of it.

The name of the game is now Tangled. Suddenly Ava can't get enough. A few short days later she would get a Tangled Rapunzel doll with hair a foot long. Five minutes later her silky hair was transformed into one big dreadlock. Damn doll looked like Bob Marley (but has since been returned to her former glory).


Sheri said…
Jen, I couldn't agree more! It was a great movie! I took Alyssa to see it today :)

I also want to say, way to go on year two of project 365!! Are you up for year three?

All the best in 2011.
Jennifer said…
It was fantastic! Ava wants to go again. :)

Thanks for the congrats! I am going to go for a three peat. We'll see how it works. My camera is starting to act up a bit so I don't know if it will survive another go around though. ;)

Best wishes for 2011!