day 362 - recycled chunky crayons $

Broken crayons drive me crazy. Maybe it's because there's nothing more exciting than a box of brand new crayons, perfectly sharpened and ready to create something. Or more likely it's because every crayon that is broken equals two crayons that can be used to write on the walls, cupboards and floors. The damn things multiply like rabbits.

Whatever the case, we've got a million of them and I've been finding them everywhere, so today Ava and I made new crayons out of the broken bits.


Amanda Pfeifer said…
What a great idea!!

Have you seen the easter egg muffin pan?
Or all the different shaped rubber-like pans?
oooooo lots of ideas area swirling around in my head.
None of which I will likely follow through on. LMAO
Jennifer said…
Like the Ikea ice cube trays?

Good news is they are oven safe. Who knew?!

These would be really cool. Must write it down for my next trip!