day 363 - happy birthday baby number one $

Today Ava got a haircut. Other than that, today wasn't that exciting. I wish I had a funny story for you, but I don't remember anything happening that was earth shattering. Maybe that's a good thing because I've had more excitement lately than I can take and I'm tired.

There was a milestone today however. My baby celebrated her birthday today. Scarlett used to be the canine equivalent of the twins - wild, crazy and untrainable. A dog with an appetite for five dollar bills and birth control pills. Now she's eight years old and still has bursts of energy, but they are now followed by hour long naps.

Happy birthday my beautiful Goldenview Scarlett O'Hara.


Auntie M said…
Wow Jen. That picture of Ava is amazing! What a beautiful little girl and two adorable little boys you guys have. So cute!

Happy belated birthday Scarly!