day 365 - and it begins $

Remember this day my friends. When the McDougall boys hit the NHL and start bringing money into this house to repair all of the stuff they have broken, you can say you were present for this momentous occasion - their first skating lesson.

Athletic skills have come easy to them so far. From the time they were able to pick up a ball they've been able to fire it at people (and be surprisingly accurate). Swinging a hockey stick was the same thing. It was a piece of cake for them. Watching them try to take off running in their skates in the upstairs hallway before we left was hilarious. Not so easy.

It was funny watching them. Owen was clinging to his pusher like it was a life preserver

and it took about an hour just to get Ethan to be able to stand upright without his legs slipping out from under him.

Knowing that the zamboni keeps them this captivated, I am tempted to take out a second mortgage on the house to buy one and pay somebody to do laps in our backyard 24 hours a day.

What? I'm serious. You two don't sit still for two seconds

and you are also the reason I had to go to Home Depot today with my iPod in hand and say "how can I fix this"?

In totally unrelated news, there was a Cary Grant marathon on today. God bless you Turner Classic Movies.

At dinner tonight Ava and I watched North by Northwest which, in my opinion, is the second best Hitchcock movie ever made (the best being Notorious). Ava loved the parts she saw and provided the entertainment. There's a scene near the beginning of the movie where they kidnap Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) and take him to a mansion. The group of men take him through the front door and straight into the living room.

Ava (gasps in horror): "Mommy! Those people did not take off their outdoor shoes!"

What do you know? I've actually taught her something.

Here we are watching one of the most famous scenes ever made.