day 10 - taking one for the team

Monday night is skating night and the only way Ava gets there early is if anybody other than me takes her. I work Mondays and it's a mad rush to get home from work, get the kids from the babysitter and get her up to skating for 5:30.

As a result we are usually running through the parking lot two minutes before (or sometimes after) the class starts. And sometimes things don't go as planned. Case in point a month ago. Ava came off the ice after her lesson and I discovered her skates, which I had put on her, were on the wrong feet (not the skates pictured - they were the Barbie clamp kind).


Everybody within ten feet: * polite snickering *

My mom: "What? What was that?!"

Me: "Nothing."

My mom: "No seriously. What was it?"

Me (muttering): "I put Ava's skates on the wrong feet."


Everyone who heard the first time plus everybody else in the stands: * full blown laughter *

It wouldn't be a Monday if I didn't make an ass of myself, but I find it far more entertaining to watch other people do it to themselves. To everybody who was in the stands that day: YOU'RE WELCOME.

Here's Grandad tying Ava's skates as I have been fired from the job.


creatingme said…
You have been fired because you need to take the photo!!! :D

And I love Colin Firth! LOVE HIM!!!
Anonymous said…
I can take her anytime you need don't be afraid to ask rather than have you rushing around. You still could come and watch without the time limit

bentonflocke said…
poor and busy you anyway I had to smile about your journaling.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Jen!
Sarah Halstead said…
He he! Too funny! That is a great photo.
Jennifer said…
Thanks everyone! I'll keep it in mind Grandma - thanks so much. My mom and dad have been helping too so really between the three of you it's been pretty good. Thank you to all of you!
kbreints said…
Well at least you can laugh at yourself too :)
Sujomi said…
Way to get out of helping with the skates! And don't feel bad, I've put two differnt shoes on my kids before.
Courtney said…
That is too funny! At least you had a great attitude about it :O) Thanks for linking up so I can follow along this year :O)