day 17 - the crack in the sky

Monday, 17 January 2011

This morning I was dressing the kids in the living room and Owen screamed out happily and pointed at the sky. He asked what the line was and I told him it was an airplane flying in the sky. Ava then told him that it wasn't an airplane, it was a crack in the sky.

Pretty deep for a four year old.

If you look off to the left you'll see the five ginormous windmills put up about two kilometers from our house. You know, these things were cool when I didn't see them every time I looked out my back window. Boooo.

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12 Responses to “day 17 - the crack in the sky”

Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

The sky is cracked! - that is quite a statement to come out with - I would cherish that moment.

I remember when my middle one was playing outside with his big brother and he asked his big brother to turn that big light off as it was hurting his eyes........... it was the sun!

Windmills I would love to be able to photograph!

Keara @ Now I Know What Life Is All About said...

Beautiful shot!

Katherine said...

Beautiful sky. Wish I could remember what a sunset (or the sun) looks like :)

Sarah Halstead said...

Gorgeous photo!! I really love how you do the things on the sides of your photo.

snapshots2011 said...

What an adorable sentiment!

Kara said...

that's really pretty! Gotta love a kid's perspective.

Danelle said...

Kids are so funny. Lovely photo too!

Sarah P. said...

Very cool shot.

Andrea said...

Crack in the sky! Ava is such a cutie! Where did they put the windmills up Jen?

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much everyone! I really appreciate your comments and they mean so much to me.

Drea - the windmills are on the 2nd of Luther about halfway between the Conn Road and Cty Rd 16. Not far from Armstrong trucking. They call it a "wind farm" and there are five of them. Not sure if more are planned or not but it makes me nervous that they are sitting in tornado alley. Can you imagine the damage if one of those propellers lets go? :(

Mari said...

It's a pretty sky and a great quote from Ava!

Reading Allowed said...

What a cute quote and a great picture! I never thought about that before in tornado alley but YIKES if one of those got hit....very scary.