day 2 - four photos and an almost funeral $

CLEAR!!!!! Day two and my camera has staged a protest. The second I said the words "three peat" my camera said hell no. It locked up with two error messages - one I've seen before, and the second was new. I don't know all of the implications of the words "corrupt data", but I suspect it's not good. Anyway, I got the paddles out and managed to revive her. For how long I'm not sure. The old girl's got some life left in her, but how much I'm not sure.

In the meantime, I give you day two. After several days of rain and two thirds of the snow disappearing, it snowed for most of the day.

Other than that, not a whole lot to report. The kids and I worked on a craft. A few weeks ago I came across some really cute fake mustaches and lips online. They were so adorable, but they were expensive, so I made them myself.


Darla said…
how did you make those! they are awesome!
Jennifer said…
Thanks Darla! I used wooden doweling and Crayola air dry clay that I bought from Walmart. I formed them by hand, poked the dowels in, used a butter knife to press the detail into the mustaches and then let it dry for three days. Then I painted them with acrylic craft paint and a water based varnish. It worked really well. The only thing I plan to do is put a little dab of glue on the end of the dowel after the fact. The dowels on some of mine keep sliding out.

I made three mustaches and two sets of lips and I barely put a dent in the container of clay.

Good luck!