day 22 - chockit moke

I'm a big milk drinker but chocolate milk isn't my thing. My kids however love it. They can't get enough of "chockit moke" but only get it on rare occasions. Today was a treat.

In my opinion, chocolate syrup is no match for powdered Quik but whatever. Being as I rarely drink it, it's not the hill I choose to die on. If they want the syrup, let there be syrup.

And lots of it.

This also marks my first official link up for You Capture. This week's assignment? Circles.

I looked for circles all week and I saw them everywhere. They were in the kids' "chockit moke" this afternoon. Some showed up all on their own

and others were made with a straw.



Brooke said…
These are so fun! We have lots of bubbles during chockwit milk time. Or usually pink milk time. My boys love the strawberry syrup and prefer it to the chocolate. Anyway, these photos are amazing. Love them ALL :D
Anonymous said…
These are great. Love the bubbles. Wonderful compositions.
Katherine said…
I love the creativity of your 'circles' good eye! AND yum! I want cho-mo as we call it :)
Katie said…
These are awesome! Excellent circles and compositions. :) I love chockey milk!
Karin van D. said…
I love those bubbles, what a great idea!
JBarone said…
all I can say is YUMMY! Great pictures