day 26 - don't just stand there bust a move

I am a very lucky girl. This week I have been the recipient of several thoughtful gifts from special people in my life.

Yesterday, my thoughtful sister delivered a beautiful card and four containers of my favourite candy to the office. Mwah! I am incredibly

Love you. xo

The night before, my mom dropped by the house with some delicious homemade baking. Thank you Mom. I love you

Then this morning a very thoughtful and dear friend gave me a CD compilation she made with all of the songs from our grade and high school years. Ahhh...Maggie. What can I say? I thoroughly enjoyed it and will for years to come. To express my gratitude I will defer to the master himself...

Mr. Young MC.

After that I was kind of on a roll.

I violated every Scrabble rule in the book and I couldn't stop. How could I quote Young MC and not Sir Mix-a-Lot?

I would have done more too. Damn Scrabble people. Only 2 Y's?! Seriously?! You'll need to up it to at least five or six if I'm gonna bust out some Humpty Dance.

Today I'm linking up to Paper Heart Camera and Trendy Treehouse for their bokeh layers challenges. Big thanks to Chelsey at Paper Heart Camera for the tutorial as the textures I used really made these pictures come to life.

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Maggie said…
The scrabble gods understand! Any compilation from our youth isn't complete without Sir Mix-A-Lot. And kudos to you for remembering the artists names!!! You receive what you bring people joy, we want to return it:) Have a great day! (And fabulous pics btw, as usual!)
SarahinSC said…
OMG Becky, look at her butt! Hahahaaa! That was one of my favorite songs when I was young. Thank God I didn't really "get it" at that age! Great Scrabble post!
Andrea said…
LMAO!!!! I want Mags to make a CD for me! LOL Love the Bokah. Will have to try that once I can move enough to take some good pictures :)
Face it Jen, you're just one of those people who touch our hearts!

I was thinking of doing a post with scrabble letters just the other day! (maybe great minds think a like, lol).
Melissa said…
I love these!! Love the bokeh with the pink! I wish I had scrabble so I could do this too. :)
Jess Murchie said…
Love it all Jen! And you certainly would be a very deserving recipient for all things good.

Maybe one day you can fill me in on some of these creative projects you are doing?

Keep up the amazing work. My hubby said in regards to your work, "beautiful!". :)
Anonymous said…
I love these. Great photos. I love the scrabble words.
Karen E. said…
Very creative post Jen, but did I miss your birthday? I know it was not your birthday but you got so many treats today. I know, nice people like you deserve treats every day. Now, I am simply standing here because if I busted out a dance, a bone or two would break for sure ;)Thanks so much for sharing your many talents.
Mari said…
I was wondering if it was your birthday too - or are you just blessed?
Love the bokeh - you did great!
Jennifer said…
Thanks so much everyone! I really appreciate it. Nope - not my birthday. My birthday's not for another month and a half. It was very unexpected but very appreciated. :) was Karen E's birthday yesterday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! If you are around this weekend, we have a card and some cookies for you. :)

Thanks Jess! I can fill you in on anything you want to know! Ask away - I would be more than happy to tell you anything you want to know. You can post it here or email me or send me a message on Facebook. Big thanks to Matt for his kind comment!
Amy said…
Wow, these photos are super creative, and so clean! I love the different colored bokeh, pink and white. Great processing!

Also, thanks for stopping at my blog. :)
Becky Sue said…
Keyboard without an "L" is Noel! Now do you get it? :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your pics are gorgeous! I don't have Scrabble but have Bananagrams so I'll have to give that a try.

Not sure how I missed the OMG Becky, look at her butt song since I am a Becky. lol Fun!
misc.alaina said…
This post totally cracks me up! Awesome photos, but even better concept!!
Anonymous said…
I love how you use song titles in your posts---I'm one of those people who can take any situation and sing a song relating to it.
The scrabble tiles are so creative! I love the pink background! Is that bokeh in the back, or is it something else? Either way, it rocks!