day 27 - a boring day

Inspiration didn't really strike today so all I have are some randoms from various points during the day.

Snow on Ethan's jacket after a failed attempt to take pictures of the boys catching the snow on their tongues. They looked more like they were trying to swallow Big Macs whole.

Playing Just Dance on the Wii. The boys have one move, and one move alone - the Jersey Shore fist pump.

Just before dinner I coloured with the kids. I don't colour very often, but when I do, I am very particular. Ava tried to reach over to colour Ellie's shoes and I wouldn't let her because the red she had clashed with the pink shirt. I think I have a problem.

On that note, I have to give the Crayola twistable crayons two thumbs up. Regular crayons last five minutes in this house. After that they are either lost or snapped in half. These crayons have made it to the one month mark and all 24 are still intact. That's seven in crayon years.

What's even more incredible is that nobody has written on the walls with them. Apparently they are a creative block for the boys. ::two thumbs way up::

Oh and one of my shots from earlier in the week was featured on Blog Guelph today. :)


Vicki B said…
way to go Jen! You take awesome photos! As for the crayons, i'll have to get sme of those. Cadeyn broke his whole new pack today....on purpose
Mari said…
Congrats on the photo being posted. That was a good one!
I like the snow on the jacket too!
Katherine said…
Love the snow pic. . I've been trying for one, but so far unsucessful. Love those tiny little flakes!
Deb said…
Love the snowflakes. The detail is amazing!
Andrea said…
I'm gonna have to get some of those crayons!
Anonymous said…
Great job on the snowflakes! They're difficult to capture!

And I don't know where you're from, but us folks from the Jersey Shore definitely don't fist pump--I'm still laughing that it's one of the moves in that game though!
Trish ~ ♥ ~ said…
the clarity on the snowflakes is wonderful, you nailed it.

I, being a born, raised and still living "down" at the Jersey shore, I say there is nothing wrong with only having one really cool dance move!

(although I can't stomach that show)
Darla said…
great photos! i especially love the snowflakes.
Anonymous said…
That first shot is amazing! I am very particular when coloring too.
Laurie said…
Lovely photos! The colors are great! :)
Jennifer said…
Thanks everyone! The snowflakes shot was luck. :) A case of being in the right place at the right time.

While the boys know the fist pump, we don't actually watch the show. It's just the easiest way to explain it. LOL

Girls - I totally recommend the twistable crayons. I figured the first time they dropped off the table they would break, but they have fallen many time and so far, so good. They're kind of like a cross between a crayon and a pencil crayon.
Adeena said…
I *love* those crayons!!

Congrats on the feature! :) You know, we're only about 1½ hours away from Guelph?? We live on the shore of Lake Huron. :D