day 3 - the joys of bubble wrap $

One of my grandmother's favourite things to do was snap bubble wrap. So do I and I suspect this hobby falls under the "well who doesn't" category. My kids love it too and I am a huge fan of anything that keeps them occupied for more than two minutes. I know myself, I would give anything in this world to be able to sit with my grandmother again for five minutes and do something as simple as snap bubble wrap.

This morning I went back to work and was excited to discover a box on my desk. Inside was a gift from one of my suppliers. I was so excited but not because of the beautifully wrapped box of Godiva chocolates. It was the bubble wrap that was around it. I knew the kids would be thrilled when I got home.

Life isn't about fancy cars and jewelry. It's about bubble wrap.

And whopper combos.


xNTA said…
Wow. it looks Beautiful!

Have a goood one! x
Yay for bubble wrap!...awsome picture!
Rochelle said…
I'm so glad you're doing Project 365 again!! Love the new watermark. Also loved this post about bubble wrap. It's super sweet :)
Jennifer said…
Thank you so much everyone!

Thanks Rochelle! I love the one you are using too and I am so happy you are doing 365 again. Great post today! Very interesting. I'll have to look for that show in the listings!