day 30 - fernando loves eveth

Today was an exciting day. Another Canon girl is born.

Jen and I went to Henrys to scout out her new camera. I know the specs of the camera I am looking at for myself inside and out but I really didn't know much about the rest of the current Canon and Nikon offerings. We went, asked some questions, got informed...

and the sales guy thought we were "together".

We got a good laugh out of that one.

Congrats Jen! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

The first shots in a brand new camera are important ones, so we headed over to Westmontrose to take pictures of the covered bridge and walk through it.

Hey Fernando! Your girlfriend can't spell to save her life. Here's hoping your children get your brains.


Andrea said…
If I lived closer it would have been another Nikon girl is born! LOL Nice Choice, she will do GREAT with it!
Mari said…
What fun! Love that bridge shot!
Thanks again for a great day Jen! I am having a blast taking tons of pictures. And of course I have more questions for you, lol. Drea needs to come for a visit so we can get together with Lisa and the 4 of us head out and do a photo walk.
Andrea said…
I'm coming down during March break but i have three shoots to do already. But if I have an extra day that would be awesome!