day 358 - merry christmas, you wonderful old building and loan $

When I was a kid we always went to midnight mass. We would have a nap in the early evening and then wake up and go to church. Then when my sister and I became teenagers, we were already out for the evening and we'd meet my parents at church. This year I decided I wanted to have the same experience with Ava.

Me: "Ava, would you like to go to church with Mommy tonight?"
Ava: "That's depends. Do I have to be quiet?"
Me: "Yes."
Ava (very politely): "No thank you."

At that point I gave her the pep talk (guilt trip) about how it would be so cool for her to be up so much later than her friends and she agreed. Around 9:30 she and I lay down for a little nap. I explained to Ava that it would be really hard to get up after a short nap but we would do it, right? She excitedly told me yes.

Well, 11:15 rolled around and I gently called her name. Nothing. I poked her lightly and called her name and she rolled over away from me. I had been stood up.

I don't remember the last time I went to church alone. I used to with my mom, then after she joined the choir, I'd sit with my grandmother and we'd people watch and make each other laugh. Then after she passed away, it was me and Ava. Then one year we tried taking the boys (it didn't go very well). This was the first time I had sat by myself. It would have been nice to have had some company, especially at collection time when I reached into my purse and discovered I had a whopping 35 cents in my wallet (I later found a five dollar bill - thank you Jesus). Anyway, good times, good times.

The big news this year was that we moved into the 21st century. We tracked Santa with an app on the iPod. No more computer tracking for us, baby.

There's no better way to finish off Christmas Eve than by watching "It's a Wonderful Life" on the late channel curled up in new pajamas. Thanks Mom & Dad. xo


Darla said…
I love your pictures! :) I would love to work on my photography this year. :) Are you doing p365 again for 2011?
Jennifer said…
Thanks Darla! Congratulations on doing another go around of P365.

I am planning to do it and have been continuing to take pictures. I'm sure you'll agree it's pretty addicting. It's impossible to stop now. :)

Are you planning to do a book of your pictures? I did one last year and have another in the works for this year. It's amazing to be able to flip through the entire year. I recommend using Blurb if you do.

Good luck!