day 8 - you threw your sock where? $

I could identify the first book I ever read if I saw it, but I am pretty sure I wasn't four when I read it. I was amazed tonight when out of nowhere Ava read me a story we had gotten from the library. When on earth did this happen?! She's been talking about having a reading buddy at school and has been writing lists of rhyming words every chance she gets, but tonight she read the entire book with minimal help. Unbelievable. Nice work babycakes!

In other news, Ava went for a sleepover at Nana's house today. Here are the essentials inside of her snazzy new suitcase from Santa. This was the nicely positioned for the camera look. It looked nothing like this five minutes later when it came time to close it because it was too full.

Being a mom of with boys I am slowly figuring this whole thing out. Number one use for a hockey stick: fishing a sock out of the second floor chandelier before it burns the house down.

Excuse the dust. I have a hard enough time keeping the main floor clean let alone something twenty feet off the ground that I can't reach.


Amy said…
the sock in the light is too funny! Thanks for stopping by.