day 33 - the joys of a snow day

"Snowmageddon 2011" hit today. Some highways were closed, all schools in the county were closed and I was home with three crazy kids as everybody's favourite rodent predicted spring is just around the corner (whatever).

Anyway, at the end of the day the house still stood, but inside was a different story. A little girl once again destroyed her spotless room (if I had a nickel for every time I have put this princess castle back together I would be rich)

and later in the day, two little boys managed to pull Ava's closet door off its hinges.

And somewhere in the past couple of days, the i button on my laptop has gotten broken. Do you know how many times I have had to go back and proofread my outgoing emails and messages to make sure I don't send any emails out with the word "dong" instead of "doing"?

Ths sucks bg tme and 'm not amused.


Jess Murchie said…
Nice...."dong". Made me LOL girl! I think we are destined to be best friends.
Anonymous said…
What a creative composition!
(or should I say 'composton'? lol)
Anonymous said…
ha ha so funny about your dong. lol.
Jane said…
you had so much more fun than we had at work!:-)
Trisha said…
I don't think I can stop laughing. You're dong a good job. :))