day 34 - paging the tooth fairy

Does anybody know what the going rate for the tooth fairy is? She'll be making a trip here sometime in the next week as Ava's tooth is about to fall out. She's been walking around wiggling it and it is freaking me out. I can handle horrifying diapers and cleaning up vomit with no problems, but there is no way I am pulling that tooth out. I can't do it. It's going to have to either come out by itself or Jason is going to have to pull it out.

It's been on Ava's mind too. Here is the school library book she checked out: Andrew's Loose Tooth by Robert Munsch.

On a totally unrelated note, has anybody bought kitchen cleanser since watching My Strange Addiction a couple of weeks ago? I bought Ajax a couple of days ago and I felt like everybody was watching me. I felt like I was buying crack in an alley (which I would like to point out I have never done).

It's for cleaning. I swear to god I am not going to eat it.


Rochelle said…
OMG, I saw that there were some coupons for AJAX and I totally thought about My Strange Addiction and I wondered if that person would want to Stock Up. LOLOL.
SarahinSC said…
I missed that episode!

Tooth fairy's going rate is whatever I have on hand that night. Sometimes it's a buck in quarters, other times it's a five dollar bill.
Melissa said…
Yuck! I know what you mean! I love the smell of clean, but since I saw that episode I gag a little when I clean the kitchen sink!

Such an exciting time for little Ava! She's been wiggling it like crazy at school, too!
jane said…
I'm thinking $5 would be really nice for Ava...but I think the going rate in my day was, sadly 25 cents. As for cleaner snarfing...I'll be watching to see if your teeth start falling out:-)
Trisha said…
Hahahaha! This whole post had me cracking up bc I can totally relate to most of it. I haven't seen that episode but I did see the one abt the thumb sucking 24 yr old & now I'm having anxiety abt my thumb sucking 3 yr old.
I'm with you on the being grossed out with wiggley teeth. I had Mack help pull one of Nolan's wigglers out before school one morning! lol
The tooth fairy leaves a toonie in our house.
carrot soup said…
I just sent you a video related to wiggly teeth and a whack job Dad's way of dealing with it. Enjoy. OMG -- I bet Mom wasn't home.
carrot soup said…
Just sent you a video of a whack-job Dad's way of dealing with wiggly tooth. Oh my . . . betcha Mom wasn't home. Enjoying your life with coffee this morning. :)Love your blog.