day 35 - boots are for the weak

I don't own a pair of winter boots. Any cool factor I ever had is gone but I am still every bit as stupid as I was when I was a teenager.

It really hasn't been a problem to this point because from the time the snow falls to the time it melts I am only outside long enough to get from the car to my destination. It's starting to become a problem as the kids want to play outside in the snow now, so at some point I will have to cave in and buy some.

In the meantime, I am going to rock my Skechers.

Today I am linking up with You Capture where this week's theme is red.



Jessica Monte said…
I love it! This is perfect! (the lines, the little bit of color). Love it!
Karrie said…
Stay strong lady!! I am the same way about coats...I won't wear one until I absolutely have to! Do you perhaps dislike winter?? I sure do! I would hold onto summer all year if I could!
Fun picture!
LOVE it. Such a creative capture!
deb duty said…
I love this! Very interesting photo and perfect for "red".
What a fun shot! I love the red with the little bit of yellow peeking through under the snow.