day 37 - summer teeth

Huge day in our house today. Ava lost her first tooth and now has summer teeth (some are here, some are not).

I also realized that wiggly teeth are my kryptonite. Can't do it. The wigglier (is that a word) and wigglier (I'm going with it) it got, the more squeamish I got. I am just like my dad. He never pulled any of our teeth as he was afraid he would hurt us, and now that is me. I was in the other room by choice, getting play by plays of the extraction process as Jason helped her pull the tooth out.

Then once it was out, it was a party. The camera came out and the celebrations began. I must say - she looks pretty cute with a little gap on the bottom.

The tooth fairy pay out after some guidance from my friends and blog readers? $5 for this one and $2 for subsequent teeth. Damn inflation.


Anonymous said…
How fun! That first photo is neat.
Funny! My son's first molar just came the other day. He wants $10 for it. He is out of his mind I tell ya!