day 45 - the boys' birthday a.k.a valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy 3rd Birthday to my boys! Are you sick of hearing about their birthday yet? Unfortunately, you'll have to get used to it. If my grandmother taught me anything, it's that birthdays in this family are a week-long event. Seriously.

Happy Valentine's Day to me this afternoon as I scarfed my far-superior-to-a-plain-old-KitKat KitKat Crunchy. So good.

Earlier in the day my littlest Valentine/birthday boy checked out his Valentine's present

and later in the day playing (does this one hand over the other game actually have a name?) with Grandad while we were out for dinner to celebrate the boys' birthday. The struggle seems to be how to celebrate both events in one day. And it's an easy holiday. Thank god they weren't born on Christmas.