day 47 - the days of gitch are (possibly) upon us

Alright. No more messing around. These boys are three and the potty training has to be done. Not looking forward to it times two but let's do this.

Today I cracked (no pun intended) out the big boy underwear and made an attempt. And as usual with potty training, came the realization that "holy crap - there is no way that little bum is going to hold up both his underwear and his pants".

There was some resistance from Ethan (excuse the boogie nose)

but Owen went for almost 3.5 hours with no accidents. Excellent for a first attempt.

Sorry - not exactly a riveting blog post, but a victory nonetheless.


Side by Side said…
I trained my girls seperately. It just seemed to work out better. One of them was really resistant and waited like 3 months later until she came around.
She was of course watching her twin sister the entire time and when she finally did go....there were hardly any accidents.
(Mine were 3 too when we started too)
Good will be awesome once they are all on board for sure!
Anonymous said…
YAY! So exciting. Knock on wood dustyn is fully potty trained. He has only had a couple accidents. He would do fine at home naked but I finally had to give in and just make him wear underwear every where we went. Do you have them sit or stand?
Brownie said…
Thanks for coming over to my blog and for you kind comment :)

Just to let you know - my little boy was finally potty trained (day time only) this last October.

He turned 6 years old this week. And he is soundly sleeping now with night pull-ups on.

Some battles just need to be fought another day :)