day 48 - the wilderness must be explored

When Ava gets home from school, the kids always play the same game. They ransack the laundry room closet, pulling out all of their boots and jackets. Then they parade around the house in mismatched outfits, pulling the poor dog around on a leash behind them.

Sometimes they are going on an adventure, other times they are off to the circus. Then there are times where their adventures are more domestic in nature and they are headed to the store to do the grocery shopping.

I don't remember if today's adventure had a specific mission, but once they were done they took a little break and watched Up.

It's one of those kids' movies I could watch a million times over.

And each and every time, the story of Carl & Ellie both captures and breaks my heart.


Colleen said…
I miss that kind of imaginative play. Sigh...

Love the picture!