the joy of love - when they're home

Sunday, 20 February 2011

When my sister is home, she is all about her niece and nephews. If I ask her to pose with them wearing matching coconut bras, for example, she goes with it (we had a mini Hawaiian party theme going on).

Neither of us are above a good "nice rack" comment. And check out Ethan - he seems to be enjoying his:

The other thing my sister does when she's home? She lets her niece and nephews blow out her birthday candles. Happy birthday Mel! MWAH!

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One Response to “the joy of love - when they're home”

Melissa said...

Thanks Jen! I had a great time! Glad my rack is hiding in the pictures!

Did you see the birthday dress that Ava made for me? Nana helped her. It was beautiful!

Thanks for making my day a great one! I'm glad my correct age was on the cake this time - 23, right? Maybe I'll be accurate with your cake this year too!