day 52 - not exactly nhl bound...yet

The boys are obsessed with hockey. They talk about their skates non-stop, they sleep with their mini sticks and they are in love with the arena.

They were thrilled when they got to go skating today.

Their approaches were very different and it was hilarious to watch. Ethan, for example, wanted to go fast and he was going to go fast and do his own thing no matter what you told him.

Owen went slower, was steadier on his feet and was very persistent. He fell down many times but he always got back up.

But whatever you do, don't offer him any help. He insisted on doing everything himself.

Me: Owen, would you like help getting up?
Owen: NO! I want my shoes!!!
Me: Let me get you up.
Owen: NO!
Me: Okay but you can't get your shoes until you skate over to the doorway where Nana is.

Screw that.

Owen can stand really well on his skates but Ethan hasn't really found his "legs" yet.

So it was a good family day and a fun morning at the rink but as much as skating on your own is fun, it's way more fun when Aunt Sara does all of the work.


Anonymous said…
ha ha! too cute. love these photos.
Melissa said…
Adorable pictures, Jen! Should I get Uncle Craig to talk with Burkie about signing them to early contracts???
BuyWoWAccount said…
That's a good father and son team-up. That'll definitely be one of your cherished moments.

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Ang said…
How cute! How old were your boys when you first took them skating? My son is 2 1/2 and my husband is itching to get him on the ice!
Anonymous said…
Love the third one of him lying on the ice- the look on his face (combined with the huge helmet) is priceless!