day 53 - more of an atari

This afternoon I discovered another grey hair has popped up on my head. I've gotten the kids' cold and have a red nose and watery eyes. The dismal and cold weather has turned me into a snacker and as a result of no exercise for four months I'm carting around more junk in my trunk.

To quote the wise Cee-Lo Green, I am definitely more of an Atari than an Xbox today.

Come on spring. Enough already.


Susan said…
Ha! That's a great quote. And I agree...hurry up Spring!
Love it, LMAO! Sorry to hear you have this cold now. :( I agree, Spring needs to get here. How are the 'twinadoes' today?
Scrappy Grams said…
We have more snow in our forecast. So I loaded up on my favorite snack, Jello's dark chocolate pudding cups. I'm knocking on wood so I won't get a cold. Hate them, I eat none-stop when I have a cold. Yuk!
Hopefully you'll feel better soon.
Trish ~ ♥ ~ said…
We had a cold but bright sunny day here today. I spent most of it outside. It was such a pleasure to be out in the sun. It renewed my spirit and regained my hope that Spring can't be far away.

feel better soon
Colleen said…
I love that you quoted Cee-lo!! I especially love that line from the song. Probably because I can relate... sigh. :)