day 54 - talk to me

The child that would test my patience every. single. second. today? This one right here:


He talked non-stop today. He didn't nap and he didn't listen. I tried to ignore him and it lasted about as long as I could put up with him saying "MOMMY!!! Talk to me!" over and over.

No big story for today. Just very glad it's over.

This post brought to you by Tylenol.

Or should I say the "Ultra Headache Relief" people. Other than Kraft Dinner and Heinz Ketchup we are very much a no-name family.


Oh my goodness! I am having the exact same kind of day. Ahhhhhh!
Amanda Pfeifer said…
and may I add, Q-Tips.. I've tried buying them on the cheap, but the cheap just don't compare.